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If you followed the first few post you probably wonder what happened to me and my Focus Electric. Well my wife went in the hospital the middle of July, 2017 with several medical issues and was still in the hospital the end of July when I picked up my new car. Her issues continued and she passed away on August 16, 2017. So my life really took a big spin. We had been married 33 years. So after a few weeks off work, and a memorial service I went back to work and continue to adjust to my new life alone.

The Focus has performed better than I ever hoped it would. I drive my 60 mile commute to work and plug it in and drive it home and plug it in. On my days off work the 110 mile range works just fine for my errands. I drive it almost every day, after 5 months the Focus has 12,500 miles on the speedo. Figuring the 22 MPG that my Taurus got at $2.10 a gallon that is $1,192.00 that I have saved in gasoline purchases. I can’t tell how much it is costing me to charge the car since I had a new air and heat system installed in my house just before I got the Focus. Needless to say the new air conditioner has cut my electric bill to half what it was before, even with me charging the Focus every night.

All of the concerns I had about going electric ended up to be no problem at all. I drive the car as fast as I want, I run the A/C and the heat as much as I want and when I arrive at each end of my commute I always  have a little range left in the battery. It is a joy to drive.

So after a few months of back and forth to work and my weekend trips to town, my home is 10 miles from the nearest town, I decided it was time to push the limits. I planned a trip to Tyler Texas. It is 77 miles from my house to a cousin house in Tyler, Texas. So my plan was to drive a route that would put at least 101 miles on my car, charge the car while I hung out with the family and return home. It was getting to be fall here when I made this trip. The temperature was 45 degrees when I left home. The cooler temperatures were effecting my range so just turning on the heater dropped my range to below 100 miles. So I traveled with no heat and even using the heated seats cut a mile or so off my range. So I was cold. I set the nav for my cousins address and, using my nav system, I located  a Charge Point charging station close to their house. As I drove I watched the “surplus miles” reading on the dash and tried to drive in a manner that I didn’t loose any surplus miles. I drove at about 55 MPH most of the way. I was able to play with my speed, accelerating slowly up to about 65 then letting  the car cost down to about 50 to regain some charge. It did add a little to my range. I would loose a mile on my surplus so I would do the cost and speed up thing a few times and gain the mile back. I got to Tyler, picked up my cousin and we drove to find the charging station then I drove a little more to accomplish my goal of 101 miles on this trip. The Focus was down to less than 10 miles range  left in the battery. I pulled up to the charging station plugged it in and waved my Charge Point card by the reader on the station and it started charging but would stop. So I went through the motions again. It started charging, then stopped. So I thought the charging station was broken. I was out of range and running out of options. I could go the the cousins house and plug into their 110 volt outlet and stay the night but staying thy night wasn’t the plan. I had seen a Nissan dealership close by while looking for the charging station so I called them and ask if they would let me charge. They did let me use one of their charging stations and I was off to have my visit with the family. I was able to monitor the state of charge on the APP on my phone and when it was full I went back and picked up the car. Finished my visit and returned home with my heat on since I wasn’t trying to set a distance record on my way home.

The next day was Sunday, at the restaurant where I had lunch my debit card wouldn’t work. My next stop was the car wash, my debit card didn’t work. So Monday I called the bank.It seems the bank had issued me a new debit card and I had not activated it in the proper time frame so the bank stopped my old card. That old card was the card I had on file with Charge Point. That is why the charging station kept shutting off.

What an adventure. Right after this trip I thought maybe it is better to keep the car in town on my safe little trip to work and back, or just on my local shopping trips where I know where I can charge. But now that it has been awhile I might plan another excursion out some where a little far.

As a side note after driving the Focus 5 months I have raised the hood one time to add washer fluid. And my low tire light came on the same month, I thought maybe I had a nail in a tire. The tires were just low. I had never checked the air in the tires. I work for at the Ford dealership, I really should take better care of my car.