So it has been a few weeks since I first wrote about the BIG DECISION. On Wednesday, 5-31-17, it will have been ten weeks since I placed my order. Initially my salesman estimated 13 weeks for my car to arrive. After weeks of waiting Ford finally assigned my order a VIN number and we can see my order on their doc, scheduled for the third week of July. That will be about seventeen weeks from order date to build date. I’m hoping now to get my car by my birthday, August, 1. I don’t know that I have ever had to wait this long for any purchase I’ve ever made.

In these last few weeks I have gotten my charging station installed in my garage just waiting on the electrician to install a new circuit for my charger. Now every time  I walk through my garage and see the charging station and the empty stall where my new electric car will be I am reminded of the car that I don’t have yet.

When I first ordered the car I ordered a owners manual for it. I was excited and wanted to learn as much as I could about the car. Now, from time to time, I still pick up the owners manual and read a few pages over again to try to get familiar with the information screens so I will know which ones to use while driving but it is hard to understand completely not having the car here to look the screens as I read.

Nine more weeks of waiting, what a teaching experience. HOW TO BE PATIENT. Hope I am still excited about this purchase in nine more weeks.



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