I have never been very green when it comes to taking care of our world. At times I have recycled my glass and aluminum bottles and cans but when our city leaders decided all the recycle bins at our schools in Terrell looked tacky and removed them it was fine with me to just add the recycle to my trash and fill their land fill.

I have worked for Ford dealers for many years and have never thought much about the hybrid vehicles we sell, I have always driven gas powered vehicles and was happy if I got 25 mpg. My commute is long and I fill my car or truck up every three days. That is about $30.00 for my car or $50.00 for the truck every three days. So after years of every three days another $30.00, and another, and another I started to think about an electric vehicle. Didn’t even consider a hybrid cause I would still be hooked to the gas stations. I wanted to be free.

At the time I started thinking about going electric, Focuses were $37,000.00 and only had a 76 mile range. My commute is about 55 miles of city, country, interstate, so I had to evaluate weather a Focus electric with a 76 mile range could make that 55 mile commute between charges. Could I run the A/C in August or the heat in February? How much electricity will it consume at 70 mph? After much consideration I decided not to do it.

Now, a couple of years later, I had to quote a price on a charging station for a electric vehicle for one of our customers. And the fever was back. Now it is 2017 and the new Focus electric has a bigger battery a 115 mile range. Now they are $10,000.00 cheaper. March, 15, 2017 I ordered my Focus. I have my charging station sitting in my garage waiting to be installed. I have never even driven a hybrid what have I just done???

At first my salesman estimated 3 months wait for my car. Then I got word that it would be scheduled to be built in early May. Still don’t have that confirmed. The closer I get to getting my Focus the more those questions are coming back. Will I be able to drive this car like I am used to driving? 70 mph, A/C in the summer, heat in the winter. It has a 115 mile range and I only have to go 55 miles between charging stations. Most days I am confident that it will be my daily driver for the next few years and some days I worry that I will be stuck with car I can’t use.

If it will get me to work every day and I never have to stop at a gas station again then I will never say I am sorry for going electric.

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